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How to play Call of Duty: Mobile on PC

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How to play Call of Duty: Mobile on PC

This tip is about the how to play Call of Duty: Mobile on PC. So read this free guide, How to play Call of Duty: Mobile on PC step by step. If you have query related to same article you may contact us.

How to play Call of Duty: Mobile on PC – Guide

Call to action: Mobile It officially launched worldwide on October 1, 2019. Everyone wanted a piece of Activision and Tencent’s game, especially since the beta was closed regionally and the game is free to play. Dev certainly knew how to wow your audience. After jumping through hurdles to get around geo-restrictions for several months, we were now on the edge of our seats to play COD: Mobile on Bluestacks without any problems. BlueStacks now supports UHD graphics in COD Mobile and intelligently switches between shooting/cursor modes for the mouse based on the actions being performed on the screen.

Read this article to learn more about this update. Unfortunately, Tencent decided to take our joy away and ban most emulators from running games. Soon hundreds of other Bluestacks users experienced our disappointment and took to the forums to express their dissatisfaction. Since the initial release, our team of developers has been working tirelessly to up with solutions.

Using the Gameloop emulator

Known as “Tencent Game Buddy” up until recently, Gameloop was the new name for this handy piece of software.

  • All it takes is a quick download and installation to get going.
  • Remember that you can play other PC games using Gameloop, such as PUBG MobileArena of Valor, or Mobile Subtitles.
  • Now, one thing to keep in mind is why Tencent allows people to play their touchscreen-focused games with a distinct hardware advantage. call to action Mobile detects who is using which control scheme.
  • Gamers are only matched with those who play the same way, eliminating the risk of having hardcore PC gamers stomping on those who slide their thumbs across a 6-inch screen.
  • How to play call of duty Mobile on the computer

    Everything you need to do to play Call of Duty Mobile On PC, follow the steps below:

  • Download Tencent’s “Gameloop” Android emulator here.
  • Install Gameloop from the downloaded file.
  • Click on the Game Center tab.
  • Click on Call of Duty: Mobile banner or image in Recommended (you can also find Call of Duty: Mobile using the search option in the upper right corner).
  • Click Download.
  • At this point, the download and installation should start automatically. It can also start automatically, so adjust your speaker settings if you don’t want the whole office to find out why you left work 3 hours early.
  • Your Call of Duty: Mobile The PC experience should start from there, but there are a few things you can do to suit everything to the machine you’re playing on.
  • How to adjust settings through Gameloop

    As you dive in, you’re likely to need to fiddle with a lot of the settings, so we’ll show you what you need to know about changing them.

  • In Gameloop software, you can tap the three horizontal lines icon in the top right corner to find some essential settings like screen resolution, screenshot location and even which rendering method to use.
  • Engine settings tend to relate to the Gameloop window and the physical size of game windows. To change Call of Duty: Mobile’s active resolution, you’ll need to head into the Game tab below and tweak things from there.
  • With a competitive game like Call of Duty: Mobile, we recommend lowering the settings as much as your eyes can for a smoother experience. If you prefer to witness how clean and crisp a mobile game may seem these days, feel free to crank things up as high as you think your PC can take them. Just don’t expect miracles, you’re still at the mercy of Android optimization. You will probably want to change some settings in the game itself as well.
  • How to play Call of Duty: Mobile with a controller on the PC

    There are several gamepads to choose from when you want to play Call of Duty: Mobile on your computer. You can use Xbox controller or DualSense. And you can do this in two different ways using a controller or connecting to Bluetooth.

  • Make sure you have access to the appropriate technology if you want to use Bluetooth.
  • After connecting your controller, click on Key Mapping using Gameloop (you will see this on the right side of the screen). You should select Gamepad instead of Keyboard. Finally, make sure you’ve selected the method that’s right for you. This can be Multiplayer, Battle Royale, OB or Bar.
  • A critical step is also to double-check the secondary keys below the method options. Make sure you choose Direction (left joystick) and Camera (right stick).
  • After going through this step, you can start using your mouse to map buttons. From here, right-click on the screen. A blank selection will appear up. When that happens, you will be free to use any controller button to map it to the game.
  • Continue mapping until you configure each control input.
  • Even though it is not necessary to map all buttons, it is essential to make sure that you have successfully mapped all aiming, shooting, reloading and jumping points. buttons all essentials.
  • Once you’re done, make sure you click Save in the bottom right corner. Next, we suggest loading a game to test for latency.
  • Final note

    I hope you like the guide How to play Call of Duty: Mobile on PC. In case if you have any query regards this article you may ask us. Also, please share your love by sharing this article with your friends.

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