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How to Unlock Garden of Endless Pillars in Genshin Impact

by Thomas Mohr
1 minutes read
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The mysterious desert that was first featured in Genshin Impact version 3.1 is home to the Garden of Endless Pillars domain, which offers fantastic rewards to anyone who can unlock its doors. You can obtain Primogems, materials for upgrades, and more through domains in Genshin Impact. On the other side, you can only visit particular domains when you figure out a specific problem.

One of the domains of Sumeru, the newest region added to Teyvat in the Genshin Impact 3.0 update, is the Garden of Endless Pillars (opens in new tab). Even if you discover it while out exploring the new Dendro region, you might have problems figuring out how to enter it because it’s largely hidden in sand.

The rewards, which include Primogems, Dendro Sigils, ascension materials, and Mora, make it worthwhile to unlock this dungeon even though you can only complete it once. Here’s how to open the Genshin Impact Garden of Endless Pillars domain if you’re prepared to get going.

How to Unlock Garden of Endless Pillars in Genshin Impact

You’ll need a character who uses the same element to ignite the Pyro monuments. Amber is the simplest option, and her charged bow attack is flawless. It’s not nearly that simple to determine the order in which you must activate the monuments, though.

Look at the Flaming Flowers first, which are present nearby. They are getting very close to the Pyro monuments, which should help you determine the perfect order. The first monument you need to activate should essentially have no flowers around it, the second monument should have one flower nearby, the third monument should have two flowers nearby, and so on. If you’re experiencing problems, the video (opens in new tab) above will show you the right sequence.

Final Words

We hope like our article on how to Unlock Garden of Endless Pillars in Genshin Impact. While the majority of Domains can be reached by straightforward exploration or Genshin Impact’s questlines, others, like the Garden of Endless Pillars, demand that players complete challenging puzzles. Similar to the Eagle’s Gate in Mondstadt or the Domain of the Wayward Path in Liyue, the Garden of Endless Pillars is a One-Time Domain.

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