How To Auto Post Happy Birthday on Facebook Friends Timeline

At present more than billions of people use Facebook, it is amongst the valuable networks on the internet and is very much value worldwide. People have lots of friends on their Facebook profile and various people ignore to wish happy birthday on their day on Facebook timeline.

Step 1. Go to 

  1. Click on connect with Facebook.
  2. The n, you will redirect to the Facebook site or app, then sign in with your Facebook account.

Auto Post Happy Birthday on Facebook (1)

Step 2. Manage Permission with the Facebook app.

  1. Now you’ll give it redirect permission and it’s direct goes to next step.
  2. Give access to the app.

Auto Post Happy Birthday on Facebook (3)

After that, some process will do by you and you’ll have to go to for continue to delivery or view the instruction on the different window.

Step 3. Facebook Friends Birthday List appear

And now you will notice the Facebook friends list which are having birthdays within the upcoming days.

Step 4. Select Friends.

  1. Now select the friend from a list those have a birthday in upcoming days.
  2. and then schedule the message.

Step 5. You have done!

Now this site will automatically post the birthday greeting to your friends that you have scheduled in it.

How do the wall posts work? It’s simple, you set the Facebook birthday wall post message inside the app, and on the morning of your friend’s birthday, we’ll automatically post the birthday message to your wall and tag your friend in it.

So above it is all about How To Automatically Post-Birthday Wishes On Your Friends Facebook Wall. With this, you can simply post birthday wishes to your friends Facebook timeline. As all of your messages are scheduled and will automatically communicate that person at proper date. If you like the post thenDon’t Forget to share it with your fellow.

Source: BirthdayFB