Better Ways To Wish Someone Happy Birthday On Facebook

Better Ways To Wish Someone Happy Birthday On Facebook

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Wish Someone Happy Birthday On Facebook – When I view this post on someone’s Facebook timeline, I wish to punch myself in the dick. That is how you want to celebrate a friend’s special day? You actually can’t think of one creative sentence a year? The birthday girl’s parents, who made love 26 years, should slap you in the face.

This birthday keyboard chart is particularly disrespectful to December babies, that already receive screwed in the gift department by the joining gifts crowd. There are many different ways to wish someone the happy birthday on Facebook.

Better Ways To Wish Someone Happy Birthday On Facebook: Whereas Facebook is a means of keeping in touch with people who you already know, it’s also a means of becoming friends including new people. These people can be part of the Facebook group, which share an interest that you’ve, they will share posts that you find to be relevant, or you can have other people in common with them, on Facebook.

This means that we can sometimes just shoot out the standard “Happy Birthday” message on somebody’s wall when we say to show them a bit more attention. I came up with a few interesting ways to better wish someone a happy birthday on Facebook. Read More: Tips to Identify Fake Facebook Account Easily

Ways To Wish Someone Happy Birthday On Facebook

Post a photo on their wall

If you wish happy the birthday to someone, you understand well, find a picture of the two of you have a great time and post it to their wall along with the “happy birthday” greeting. That will remind them of some good times and bring a smile to their face. I’ve found that posting impressive pictures also triggers unusual reminiscing from other friends, and a little birthday thread about the birthday she/he will likely ensue.

Schedule a movie night

When you can’t be together in person, you can watch together online via this great enjoyable new app, Rabbit. This app lets people share online experiences.

Make them an Animoto Video

Animoto has one of my favorite Facebook applications. All you have to do is select a theme, an assortment of images and fantastic music, and Animoto will combine them together and generate a music video with particular professional effects. These go a long way to showing somebody you care and don’t take a lot of time.

Throw a virtual surprise party

You can use Skype or Facetime to connect the friends from many locations to host a virtual party. Make it, still more, fun by sending balloons, a party horn, and a treat to all these included in on the surprise. Maybe anything like these party invites on Oh Happy Day. Don’t forget the birthday person. Put a note on theirs saying not to open until you give permission.

Buy A Facebook Gift

This isn’t precisely a different Facebook birthday sentiment around. However, the truth is that the Facebook store has a wide variety of cards, icons and more, and if you are prepared to pay a few Facebook credit you can get them something that’s right up their alley. For instance, wherever you have a music fan, the American Greeting section of this Facebook Gift Store has a plethora of music meant e-cards with actual, licensed music and fun accompanying slide shows.

The re’s no doubt that in today’s Facebook, it’s difficult to read each single Happy Birthday note on your wall (although I’m assured many of us do). Wherever the person has a special, that means, at least shoot them a private message to say Happy Birthday and a few words. Typically the public happy birthday can’t express how you feel about somebody because it’s too public.  So these are the Better Ways To Wish Someone Happy Birthday On Facebook.

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