How to Create Collage Or Movie With Google Photos On Android

Create A Collage Or Movie With Google Photos On Android – Google Photos has to turn into one of the more powerful photo viewings, storing and editing apps available for Android phones and tablets. Whereas there are more highly effective editing apps on the market, Google Photos will meet the requirement for the vast majority of users, and with the capability to store your photos in your Google Drive, you all the time have a backup of your photos.

The  nice feature of Google Photos is the Assistant feature. That feature automatically performs movies, stories and enhanced pictures of these you will have uploaded to the service and some of them are excellent. You possibly can select if you wish to keep what the assistant creates or not and it allows you to add some creativity to your photos painlessly. However, there may be a time where you want to create a movie of your photos yourself. I will tell you the steps to create a film in Google Images.

Step To Create Collage or Movie with Google Photos on Android

Step 1. First of all, open the Google Photos app on your device, for those who haven’t still installed it then you can find up the app on the Google Play store, simply download and install up to the latest version. On the main Photos just tap on the “Assistant” link which could be found placed on the very bottom of the Window.

create a collage on android

Step 2.  After that, you could then see lots of options and features of the app which could be utilized however for now; we’d be simply considering the Collage, Animation, and Moviemaking capabilities. All these features might be accessed under such circumstances only and couldn’t be used for each of your required Pic like for those who want to create up the collage then take up the various photos and the Photos app will show you the option for making it.

Step 3. If you want not to go to the app for selecting up the action of making collage or movie etc. Then just select from the above options in the Photos window by yourself. After selecting up the option, you’d see the gallery opened on your device, just choose up the pics. 2-9 pics could be selected for the collage whereas up to 50 pics you may want for animation or movie making the app.

Step 4. After adding up your required pics for the action, you will have chosen before, just click on the Create button that would help you to create the desired activity or the task. You can see up the progress bar on the screen for some time, and after your collage, animation or the video is entirely made you may watch it!

create a collage on android

Step 5. The projects you make up utilizing the Photos app would automatically get saved to your device as efficiently these can be updated very soon. That makes up your solution for the all three things collage, movie or the Animation so only use up the Photos app next time you want to customize your projects or makeup one more!

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