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How to hide files or folders in android without using any software

Hide files or folders in android: There are lots of apps in Google Play Store Which hides files and folders from your device. However, the main drawback of those 3rd Party apps is that they only hide files and folder till we have them install after uninstallation both these files and a folder will get visible or gets deleted.

To Hiding your Folders of your Android Devices could be very simple then you can imagine. Hiding your Folders on Android can save you from main problems like your Device is lost/stolen or if your friend is trying to take your Private Data’s or someone is trying to access your Device without your Permission.

To hide a folder on your Android doesn’t require any applications or any involved Command, but still, if you like to go for any applications then you’re free to go. It is so simple as creating a folder with your native File Explorer. You should use this trick without using any software which is helpful for hiding any files. When any information such as Music, Videos, and even images. This method may not work in some video players, so things which you need is for starting this process is just a file manager.  Let’s see how can you hide files from this trick.

Step to hide files or folders in android without using any software

Step 1. First of all, Download any file manager similar to es file explorer or your system file manager. If you Use the File Expert, then you can only go to its setting and Tap on Show hidden files.

Hide files or folders in android

Step 2.  Insert your necessary files into the one folder and now rename the folder,  Now simply add a Dot (.) Before the file name and save it.

For Eg: if you file name is Camera, Then you will rename it to.Camera

Hide files or folders in android

Step 3. Press OK. If you are done, your files have been hidden.

Step 4You’ll still be able to see that file because we’ve to Show Hidden files/folders Enabled. So our next step is again you have to goto file manager settings and turns off Present hidden files/folders.

Hide files or folders in android

Step 5. Now Navigate to the particular file that you renamed before, You will be unable to find it because it’s now hidden.

You can do this process when you want to hide your important files and folders.

Step 6. That’s it! Now you’re done.

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