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How to Fix ‘Cannot Pair Mi Band’ Issue

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How to Fix ‘Cannot Pair Mi Band’ Issue

This tip is about the how to Fix ‘Cannot Pair Mi Band’ Issue. So read this free guide, How to Fix ‘Cannot Pair Mi Band’ Issue. If you have query related to same article you may contact us.

1. How to Fix ‘Cannot Pair Mi Band’ Issue – Guide

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Xiaomi Mi Band is a wellness wearable device that syncs with the mobile application and tracks your well-being or exercises while napping. Interestingly, the user, the wearable must be paired using Bluetooth for your phone on the Android or iOS stage. In the meantime, if you’ve recently restarted your band, you may have problems with pairing. Here they are guide about How to Fix if you can’t pair Mi Band with yours phone.

There are several mistakes when pairing the Mi Band with the phone such as “Could not pair” or “Restart the band and try one more time” or “Please connect to app to update”. Although a large proportion of customers receive an error like Pair First, users are disturbed by these issues. Alternative solutions will be appropriate for each of the Mi Bands, such as Mi Band 3 and Mi Band 4.

2. Restart your device

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Turn Bluetooth off and then on again. Now try to sync again. If that doesn’t work, turn off Bluetooth again and restart your phone. If your Bluetooth is working fine but you still can’t sync Mi Band to Mi Fit, go to Method 2.

3. Disable (unpair) the Mi band in the Mi Fit settings

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  • Open Mi Fit
  • Go to Profile >> Tap “Mi Band”
  • You will see the error “No Band”
  • Scroll down and tap “Unpair” >> OK
  • Close the Mi Fit app and restart it
  • 4. Final note

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    I hope you like the guide How to Fix ‘Cannot Pair Mi Band’ Issue. In case if you have any query regards this article you may ask us. Also, please share your love by sharing this article with your friends.

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