How to Fix’ iCloud Photos Not Syncing’ Issues on iPhone, Mac, and Windows

How to Fix’ iCloud Photos Not Syncing’ Issues on iPhone, Mac, and Windows

This guide is about How to Fix’ iCloud Photos Not Syncing’ Issues on iPhone, Mac, and Windows. So read this free guide, How to Fix’ iCloud Photos Not Syncing’ Issues on iPhone, Mac, and Windows. If you have query related to same article you may contact us.

How to Fix’ iCloud Photos Not Syncing’ Issues on iPhone, Mac, and Windows – Guide

iCloud is Apple’s handy cloud service to store your content and keep your data up-updated on your devices. Most of the time, it does a good job managing your files, but sometimes it can’t run properly due to iOS system errors. These issues can prevent you from syncing photos to iCloud. If this happens to you, don’t worry, here are some solutions to resolve the issue. iCloud is like magic. Take a photo on an iPhone and it will automatically appear on an iPad. Create a photo album in the iPhone photo app and it will appear in your Mac photo albums at the same time.

The same goes for contacts, calendars, files and more. As with any technical device or software, iCloud can cause problems for photos. I sometimes have sync issues with iCloud. Sometimes it doesn’t even sync. Photos may fail to upload or be lost, which means users may need to restore photos from iCloud. Fortunately, there are a few ways to fix iCloud Photos sync issues across all devices and platforms.

Enable iCloud Photos

if you just defined up your Mac, your photos won’t sync unless you turn on iCloud Photos. Here it is how to do it:

  • Open the Photos app.
  • Select Photos > Preferences from the menu bar.
  • Switch to the iCloud tab and check the box next to iCloud Photos.
  • You can then switch between Download originals for this Mac and the Optimize Mac Storage suboptions. The former downloads all the original copies of your photo library to your Mac, while the latter uses low-resolution placeholders to save disk space.

    Check your Apple ID

    Do you use multiple Apple ID accounts? It’s best to confirm that you’re signed in to your Mac using the same account as the other devices you want to sync photos with.

    To do this, open the System Preferences application and select Apple ID. You’ll find your Apple ID listed on the next page. Then, if necessary, use the Sign Out option on the iCloud tab to switch between accounts.

    Force quit the Photos app

    Sometimes the Photos app on macOS may stop syncing for no apparent reason. Force closing and reopening often helps to fix this. See how:

  • Open the Apple menu and select Force Quit.
  • Select Photos.
  • Click Force Exit.
  • Check iCloud system status

    It’s also a good idea to confirm that there’s nothing wrong with iCloud Photos on the server. To do this, open Apple’s System Status page and check the status next to Photos. If you see any issues listed, you have no choice but to wait until Apple resolves them.

    restart your mac

    Restarting your Mac can fix random application and network-related issues. Open the Apple menu and select Restart if you haven’t already. Leave the Reopen windows on login again box unchecked before clicking Restart again.

    Free Up a little more space

    If your Mac is running low on storage space, freeing up up some space can help sync your photos correctly again. The Storage Management panel (which you can access by opening the Apple menu and choosing About This Mac > Storage > Manage) is a great place to start.

    Clear DNS cache

    A corrupt or obsolete DNS (Domain Name Service) cache can prevent your Mac from connecting to Apple’s iCloud servers. Fortunately, deleting the DNS cache forces your Mac to resolve each web address from scratch. Here’s how you can do this:

  • Open Launchpad and select Other > Terminal.
  • Enter the following command: sudo killall -HUP mDNSResponder
  • Press Enter.
  • repair the photo library

    If none of the above solutions helped, it’s time to fix possible errors in your photo library. Your Mac’s Photos app is able to detect and fix them on its own. Here’s how you can ask him to do this:

  • Exit the Photos app. If the app appears frozen, force it to close.
  • Hold down Option + Cmd keys and select the Photos icon in the Dock or Launchpad.
  • Select Repair.
  • Delete Sync Index

    You can also try deleting the index files that contain the sync data from the Photos app. This will make your Mac sync your entire photo library from scratch. If you want to go ahead, do the following:

  • Exit the Photos app.
  • Open the Finder app and select the file that contains your photo library. By default you should find it in the Images folder.
  • Control-click the Photo Library file and select Show Package Contents.
  • Go to the folders labeled Resources > cpl > CloudSync.noindex.
  • Delete all files from the CloudSync.noindex folder.
  • Restart the Photos app.
  • Update operating system

    Updating your Mac’s operating system helps alleviate issues caused by a buggy instance of the Photos application. If the problem persists, try this now:

  • Open the Apple menu and select About This Mac.
  • Select Software Update.
  • Select Update Now.
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