How to Fix ‘Windows 11 Black Screen’ Issue

How to Fix ‘Windows 11 Black Screen’ Issue

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How to Fix ‘Windows 11 Black Screen’ Issue – Guide

Along with all your new features, Windows 11 also comes with a new ongoing bug that is affecting many early users. Some users report that after the first login screen they get stuck on a black screen where the cursor is visible but their Windows 11 PC is not responding. Windows 11 is prone to bugs. Whether the frequency of outages has increased or decreased will still be seen in the coming days. A bug that several users have reported is the black screen issue in Windows 11.

Loose connections or a misconfigured configuration behind the problem. We’ve also seen the black screen issue in Windows 10, and the causes and fixes remain pretty much the same, with a few differences. Another thing to watch out for is connectivity to the monitor. You can check whether the monitor is on or not. Many times the problem can arise due to the connectivity with the monitor. If you are using a PC, the monitor may not be on. Check whether the monitor is plugged in or not. After connecting the cable, press the power button button to turn on the monitor.

Check for loose connections to the monitor

  • Before proceeding, make sure the monitor is turned on. Make sure it is properly connected to the power supply and the power light comes on, if one is present.
  • Then make sure the connections to the monitor are correct and well placed. You can simply disconnect the connections and reconnect them firmly. This fix usually works for many users.
  • If you have a spare monitor available, try connecting it to the system in case the problem is with the monitor itself. If the black screen issue is fixed after connecting the new monitor, please repair or replace the old one and use the new one in the meantime.
  • Also, if you use multiple monitors for display, switch the primary monitor to the secondary and the secondary to the primary. If that doesn’t work, try using a single monitor and see if things work.
  • Restart your Windows 11 computer

  • With the system unresponsive, you will not be able to shut down the computer or restart it in the normal way. In this case, you would be required to use the power button.
  • Press and hold the power button until the computer shuts down. Now wait a few minutes before pressing it again to turn on the computer. Once done, check if your Windows 11 black screen issue is fixed.
  • Reset graphics adapter

  • The graphics adapter is critical for the effective functioning of the computer and if something goes wrong then you may encounter Windows 11 black screen issue. A simple fix is ​​to reset the adapter itself.
  • To reset the graphics adapter, press Win + Ctrl + Shift + B and you will hear a slight beep followed by a flash on the screen, an indication that the reset was successful.
  • Now check if the screen appears. If the problem persists, go to the next method listed here.
  • Change projection settings

  • Press Windows + P to start viewing the available projection modes.
  • Use the cursor keys to navigate through them and press Enter to select one.
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