How to View Plex With Your Friends

How to View Plex With Your Friends

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How to View Plex With Your Friends – Guide

Following the efforts of HBO and Hulu, media software developer Plex has added its own Watch Together function to the mix. Watch Together, which is now in beta, will allow users to invite friends to watch movies and shows on Plex at the same time. Plex’s own collection of movies and TV series, as well as movies from users’ personal libraries, are supported. The instructions below will show you how to to define up Plex’s ‘Watch Together’ feature so you can share your daily content with your friends and family.

Everything has changed as a result of the COVID-19 epidemic and subsequent lockdowns around the world to stop it from spreading. Many of our favorite shops, bars, restaurants and cinemas have closed, leaving us with few options for entertainment and leisure. Some people are using Zoom or Houseparty to host quiz nights. If that sounds like a lot of work to you, you might prefer to watch your favorite movie with your friends. That’s where Plex’s new Watch Together feature comes in.

How does Watch Together for Plex work?

Everyone you watch a movie or show with will need a free Plex account and will need to be running the Plex media server and player software. You can’t invite friends who don’t use Plex to party, although for now, you don’t need a paid Plex Pass subscription to use Watch Together. You’ll also need to add the people you want to watch with to your Plex friends list under Accounts > Users & Sharing.

When you’re all set, choose a movie or TV show from your own Plex library or Plex’s free streaming service. Click, tap or select the icon with the three dots (…) and from the menu that appears, choose Watch Together. Select the people from your friends list that you want to watch a movie with and select Done.

Plex will take you to a lobby screen and send invites to your friends to join you. As you see your friends status change from “Guest” to “Buffered…” to “Ready”, you can choose to start playing the movie and let your late friends watch up. But it’s probably more polite to wait for everyone to indicate they’re ready, when Plex will start playing the movie automatically.

Once the movie starts, any of the viewers can pause or resume it at any time. For now, at least, there’s no way to chat with your friends on the Plex app, so you’ll need to use a separate app to maintain up your conversations, establish a telepathic mental link with your fellow viewers, or just endure lots of awkward pauses and random pauses.

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