How to Use WordPress for Android

WordPress for Android. Write new posts on your WordPress blog, edit content, and manage comments with built-in notifications, all in your Android device. WordPress is a must-install Android smartphone and tablet app for many who regularly use the popular blogging platform

1# Search for “WordPress” in the Google Play Store.


Get It

2# Click “Install” after which “Accept” in the WordPress setup display screen. Hearth up WordPress app after the downloads get accomplished to get it began.

3# Now Login together with your “Username or Email” and “Password”. Or when you host your WordPress website somewhere else then next click on“Add self-hosted site”. It will let you connect your already existent WordPress account to the app in your Android.


4# Done! You successfully logged in to your WordPress dashboard.

Tip: Register a new account by using the link at the bottom of the display. When you don’t see the links, try hiding your keyboard. 

For more Tips Please Read the official post on WordPress

Precaution: Don’t make your WordPress password too simple to guess otherwise someone may get access to it. The same goes for giving anyone else access to your phone.

So, we hope that Compsmag has given some clear and healthful knowledge about using the WordPress in android so that user can start their blogging or web career with proper ethics. Have you ever used the WordPress app on your Android tablet? Share your experience with us via thread below. Or if you like this article then don’t neglect to share it with your folks and always feel free to drop a comment below if you have any query or feedback.