How to Submit and Optimize my Website for Google News

Optimize Website for Google News – Any ultimate goal of any internet marketing service company is to help its customers rank high on the front page of will any spending a lot of time in the search space will, however, tell you that ranking Also Read: This is a good example of how to search for Google News. How to Submit your Site to Google News Submission Guidelines

Sometimes: Bloggers can take advantage of Google News to obtain Page 1 traffic by optimizing their articles’ headlines

That’s why it’s so important to find other ways to create temporary space on the Google ranking, you are trying to win, you can generate significant traffic on competitive keywords, even if you are far from the First page. Many websites routinely create fantastic news content, but the audience they serve is limited because they are not part of the Google News search. The Best Free SEO Tools

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What is the value of Google News participation?

I helped several websites get ready and accepted in Google News. After accepting a site, I noticed that Google’s monthly clickthrough rate improved up to 35% of all attributable clicks from Google News – and it only lasted a number of months. Of course, your mileage may vary.

Here’s how to optimize for Google News.

If you want to know how to integrate the content of your news website into Google News, this article is for you! To be ranked on Google News, you need to pay attention to the subtle differences in SEO for news articles.

If you publish timely content, you’re missing out if you are not working, you are not in working in appearing in Google News. Check out this comprehensive guide to learn how.

What is Google News?

Google as their vertical search “Google News” as follows:

According to the similar articles and displays them to to the computerized news service that gathers the titles of more than 50,000 news sources around the world, We also rely on certain characteristics of information content such as freshness, location, relevance, and diversity. – Google News Publisher Help Center

Are you interested in regular web search?

In addition, you can access the “News” vertical search by clicking the “News” tab or opening the page.

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The results of vertical news in organic search are automatically calculated by Google via their usual Google ranking algorithm Only on the vertical search will Google use a special Google News algorithm for rankings.

When will my website be included as a Google News source?

Before your website can be successfully integrated Google News, it must go through a manual review by a Google employee. They will carefully review the website for general, technological and content-based guidelines.

We will explain them further down the page. Also, read: How To Make Money Online: 12 Ideas To Get You Started

How does Google News differ from regular GOOGLE search?

With the proper technique, the big technique difference between these two Google search engines is related to the type of content indexed and displayed on each. “Regular” Google search indexes include the blog posts, web pages, landing pages, and more. type of content you want to rank does not matter as long as it follows the SEO practices.

If you want to rank on Google News, you must submit news articles in a timely manner. The open sales content, press releases, and pages of your company’s website simply do not fit the bill. Also in the above publications (ie CNN, NPR, The Washington Post, etc.) are generally, but this does not mean that children have no luck. Also read: How to SEO Using Google Webmaster Tools


Before you decide to engage in a Google News SEO strategy, you may want to understand what’s on offer first. Here are some of the major benefits of Google News ranking:

  1. 60% of respondents trust the Google News section on the indexed news as part of regular searches.
  2. Google News is dedicated to news-specific articles, not just general search results.
  3. The Google News ranking in your company can help you establish your authority as a newsmaker to stay up-to-date on trends.


The Google News presentation is the result of a combination of site technical specifications and specific content standards.


Many of the technical considerations for the Google News ranking are parallel to the rankings in Google searches.

  1. To determine if your website is not compatible with mobile devices by Google, run your website through your mobile-enabled test.
  2. Use of Google AMP: “AMP” means “accelerated mobile pages” and is Google’s focus on an outstanding mobile experience for users. Google AMP is quite easy to install as a WordPress add-on and basically eliminates everything except the content of your pages to load the pages faster.
  3. Use the Google PageSpeed Insights tool to identify slow loading pages and optimize them accordingly.
  4. The website must be search-engine friendly and have accessibility barriers, which means that the site must be accessible to both Google-Bot and users.
  5. News Sitemap must be available and must be updated automatically.
  6. The European date format should be used.
  7. This URL of each article must be a continuous identifier of at least three digits. This is not absolutely necessary, but it will not hurt you either.
  8. No 301 redirect is used.
  9. If possible, you should use a special magazine or news theme for your CMS (WordPress for example). Most of the time, this type of model is already optimized in terms of technological needs.
  10. Google offers 70 different regional versions of Google News, in many different languages. Please give at attention to the language in which you submit your registration to Google news.
  11. For example, a big announcement between the title and the news body can disrupt the Google-Bot. Too many social media plug-ins are also known to make it worse rather than better.
  12. Pay attention to a fast loading speed for unique pages / URLs. If possible, stay below 200 ms per URL / page.
    It is also useful if the size of your document is less than 10 KB.

Content-based requirements for being incorporated into Google News

  1. You need a legal notice (imprint) with all possible contact information.
  2. All authors/editors need to be mentioned on either an editorial page or the imprint.
  3. The entire company has been organized with multiple organizations and editors.
  4. It has to be clearly evident that the content of the news-article has gone through editorial supervision. Forums, individual blog entries, and other such sources are not included in Google News.
  5. Do not overburden the website and the news-article with advertisements.
  6. Regularly create (new and current) articles.
  7. The content has to have been written for your own website, ideally with editorial oversight.
  8. You need to create and other items of content with a high degree of freshness on a specific subject.
  9. Try not to publish content that has nothing to do with your usual subject-matter.
  10. You may not only have a promotional piece on your own activities as news-articles.
  11. There should already be large as a backlog of articles available as possible before you sign up for Google News.

As part of the admission of a website as a Google News source, a Google employee will look closely at your website by focusing on the above factors.

Google help pages for publishers and web publishers:

How you further optimize your website for Google News for your Articles/contents/NewsWhat?

Assuming that the above mentioned and above the optimized website has already been accepted as a source for Google News, there are a number of additional options to optimize your content and content. Site.

Content-based optimization, freshness, and speed of publication

If you first publish a new article, it will first compete, this article will have an advantage in the ranking of news. Keeping a steady stream of news can also be an asset. It is likely that algorithms such as Quality Deserves Freshness (QDF), which is part of Google’s cool updates, are the cause.

A specific news item should always be published or part of a discussion on several news websites in order to be displayed as a Universal-Search integration in organic search results. If a tag or tag is only published as an article on a website, this tag Also notes organic search results. Also here is one of three highlighted results (see the screenshot below). Improve SEO Content Strategy: Step by Step Guide

Google News-sitemap

The simple creation of a regular XML sitemap This Google News XML Site Map must update immediately after a  news URL is published.

For example, you can use the paid XML-Sitemaps Unlimited Sitemap Generator This sitemap generator can be integrated with almost any system, and next to a news XML sitemap, you can also generate XML and video sitemaps.

Create a News Sitemap

  1. One of the technical requirements of Google News is that your page URLs end in a numeric suffix greater than or equal to Such URL change can be expensive CMS change request for many sites.
  2. What Google does not make very clear is that you really around this requirement by creating XML-based Google News sitemap.
  3. I like this option in any case due to Google News Sitemap acts as an authoritative Google News site feed, offsetting the need for crawling to find the content of your news. these tips for success:
  4. Google News Sitemap XML Protocol is set on the Create News Sitemap page. This page has which tags are required and which are optional. Google recognizes that its own Sitemap Generator tool will not create a news sitemap. Therefore, it lists a third-party generator tool to help you with this task.
  5. Include only the URLs of your site Sitemap. If you mix your syndicated content with the original content, you need to figure out how to separate them – through tags or folders or any other available mechanism – to create a Google News sitemap with only original content URLs.
  6. Keep in mind that if you repeatedly include syndicated content URLs in the News Sitemap, Google may ban your site from the Google News index.
     Just use the standard RSS format for this. You can submit both the Google News sitemap Content and the full content RSS content using the Analyze> Sitemaps tool in your Google Webmaster Tools account. Make sure you submit the Google News sitemap before submitting your Google News acceptance application.
  7. Include only published URLs in the last 48 hours in the News Sitemap. Old news is old news, after all.
  8. Update the Google News Sitemap regularly. Use your CMS or other Sitemap publishing tools to automatically update and refresh the News Sitemap after each post. This permission Google to index your content faster and keep the news index up-to-date.

Image optimization

It will also be a snapshot (CTR), of the search result. of news content in organic search results, as well as

A caption under the image is also very important for the news article. Make sure to use an image itself should be a part of a link, however. Also Read: 5 Best Free Image Optimization Tools for Image Compression

Text / content optimization

The freshness, timeliness, report, and speed of reporting on a specific tag or tag are all ranking factors on Google News.

Technically, an article should only have 80 words for a news article.?, We recommend using a minimum of 125 words for news, as well as a minimum of 250 words for any other type of information.

With this recommendation of at least 125 and 250 words, it separately a social media plug-in or ad block between the text.

Decrease the loading time of news articles / optimize PageSpeed

Besides the high level of freshness and timeliness of your news articles (be the first!), The loading speed of a URL is another ranking factor. You should, therefore, check and optimize your news site, or rather an individual URL, for their PageSpeed. So that you Optimize Website for Google News.

Optimization of title and title H1 help to Optimize Website for Google News

Also, keep in it the keyword focus at the very beginning. Also keep in mind that the clickthrough rate, also known as clickthrough rate, is a ranking factor that affects the display frequency of the specific news source in a Universal-Search integration.

A layout of the site help to Optimize Website for Google News

The HTML source code of a new one should ideally be in this order and without interruption: title > image> date> body of the text.

Use structured data with markup help to Optimize Website for Google News

Search engines benefit anyway. That’s why you need to make sure that you are not structured data is (currently) a ranking factor or not. use the correct syntax for your Google News articles.

  1. when you describe the documents/articles: News-Article
  2. to mark the author: Author
  3. add the date of publication of the news article: Date-Published

The 5 Best Tips for Success in Google News

They are The Best tips for Optimize Website for Google News

  1. Review the news guidelines and make sure your site is compliant
    Read it carefully and make sure your is is compliant.
  2. Create a contact page with the actual contact information
    For reasons of liability, Google News required that you are the URL of a Contact Us page on your website with the names of authors and publishers, a physical address, and phone numbers and/or email addresses. are not enough to replace these requirements.
  3. Google News Support Sites
    The Google News team, go to the Google News Publishers Support Forum or the Google News Publishers Support Request web form for unresolved issues. The forum is a public resource, and non-Google forum contributors can answer your questions, However, the help request web form will generate a response from the Google News team, although may take a few days or more.
  4. Be patient
    Google News may take a few weeks to decide to Make sure you do all the necessary preparation work before submitting your application. You do not want to be rejected to your site was not ready to be evaluated.

Google news news providers in this area, possibly with articles similar to your content. Even if you are in, you must always compete with quality If you do, you are get additional clicks in Google News quickly. Good luck! To Submit and Optimise Website for Google News

Next DOs

  • Follow the action points in this article and get your unique and authoritative news content rating in Google News.
  • Share your success stories with me and give feedback on this article; I like hearing about the actions people take after reading my updates.


Now You Learn Everything to Optimize Website for Google News now what you just take a rest and start some serious work to include your site in google news and optimization Website for Google News. Though there are many parallels between Google’s more well-known search and the niches that represent Google News results, there are also many distinct differences. Rocking the results on Google News requires a unique attention to detail not present on other standard search results.

What are your best tips for ranking on Google News? Anything we missed? Tweet your thoughts at @successforblog, and we’ll share The Best insights! Or ask us anything via comment.

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