Reviews » Herman Miller Sayl review 2023: for home and office use

Herman Miller Sayl review 2023: for home and office use

Though stylish, this chair performs well.

by Edmund Blake & Charles Anders
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Herman Miller Sayl review

The Sayl chair has been designed to be ergonomic, and it has a polymer backrest that is flexible. This combination offers the highest level of support possible, and it encourages proper sitting posture. It employs a 3D intelligent suspension technology that is capable of adjusting to the natural movements of the body in order to provide balanced support throughout the day. The backrest of the Sayl chair, which is both breathable and elastic and has a structure that is reminiscent of a suspension bridge, is one of the chair’s most notable features. This design not only improves looks but also enables good ventilation, which helps users remain cool and comfortable even while sitting for extended periods of time.

The chair has a number of different adjustments that allow the user to personalize their sitting experience. It comes with the ability to modify the seat height, seat depth, and optionally the arms as well. These features give customers the ability to discover the most comfortable sitting posture for them, which encourages correct alignment and reduces the likelihood of experiencing discomfort or strain. The Sayl chair has a high build quality, and it is designed to last for a long time. Because it is constructed with such high-quality components and meticulous engineering.

Herman Miller Sayl Specifications

Dimensions24.5″ W x 24.5″ D x 37″ – 41.25″ H
Weight CapacityUp to 350 pounds
Seat Height Adjustment15.5″ – 20″
Backrest Height22.25″
Backrest MaterialFlexible polymer
Seat MaterialFoam cushioning with textile or leather upholstery
ArmrestsOptional adjustable armrests
Lumbar SupportAdjustable lumbar support

Herman Miller Sayl: Comfort

Herman Miller Sayl review

Once we got the Sayl set up for me, we found that it moves with my body and is a very nice place to sit and work. The sacrum is meant to be supported by Herman Miller chairs, and we found that this one did that very well. We could sit at it for 6-7 hours a day without getting too uncomfortable. Compared to the Mirra 2, what we liked most about this chair was that it wasn’t just an office chair, but could also be used for more relaxed sitting.

My husband likes to use the Sayl to lean back and watch YouTube movies. He can sit there for hours without getting uncomfortable. One thing to keep in mind is that the back of this chair is not very high, so if you want a chair to support your head, this isn’t it. But that doesn’t mean bigger people can’t wear it. You can buy this chair from its official website

Herman Miller Sayl: Performance

The Herman Miller Sayl office chair is notable for its cutting-edge design in addition to its high level of comfort and overall quality. It is a one-of-a-kind structure that was conceptualized from observing the operation of suspension bridges. A flexible and supportive mesh backrest that moves with your body is another feature of this chair.

Your spine receives dynamic support thanks to the Sayl’s flexible suspension technology, which also helps alleviate pressure spots and encourages excellent posture. In addition, the controls of the chair are intuitive and allow you to easily adjust the height, tilt, and armrests of the chair so that it meets your specific requirements.

Final Words

Herman Miller Sayl review

The gaming chair made by Herman Miller called the Sayl is a unique and unusual piece of furniture. We appreciate how unique yet stylish this chair is despite its appearance. However, even the most understated choices are still extremely bizarre from an aesthetic standpoint. The construction materials are exactly the same as what you would find in a regular Sayl, with the exception of the vibrant colors. Because of this, it is an excellent choice for gamers who are looking for cool seating, but if you use it for business, it is unlikely that it will bring your area together.

Herman Miller Sayl review: The good and The bad

The Good

  1. Iconic design
  2. Moves with you

The Bad

  1. Adjustable armrests extra


How durable is Herman Miller Sayl?

Herman Miller is known for making high-quality items, and the Sayl chair is no exception. It is strong and well-made. It’s made to last and can handle the wear and tear of daily use. The Sayl chair is made with eco-friendly materials, like a backrest and fabric made from recycled materials.

How comfortable is the SAYL chair?

The Sayl is very comfy, and the mesh back makes it stand out and make it easier to breathe. As long as you get the fully adjustable version, which I’d suggest, it’s easy to make it fit your body and the way you like to sit.

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