iMyFone Umate Pro for Mac review

iMyFone Umate Pro review

iMyFone Umate Pro Review: How to Clean all iOS files, including photos, videos, private information, messages, and more with this great app. The software comes with each Windows and Mac operating system and helps in cleaning free space on your iPhone. Utilizing the software is very easy, just connect your iPhone to the computer, scan the device and choose the cleaning mode. Read Also: How to clear memory on computer windows 10

iMyFone Umate is a fantastic utility app that helps you eject all these unwanted files from your iPhone simply and securely so that you can keep your device working easily. The process is easy. Once you install the app on your Mac. The app should automatically recognize the device and provides you with the choice to scan it. This scanning process doesn’t take very long maybe a couple of minutes and after which you can remove huge amounts of files from your phone with one click on if you select. You also have the option to select data groups one-by-one for deletion.

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iMyFone Umate Pro Review in-Depth

So what can iMyFone Umate Pro do?

Myfone Umate Pro works as a reliable iPhone eraser and cleaner. There are four types of files it can accomplish the goal. This include:

  • Junk Files
  • Temporary files
  • Junk files
  • Apps

One other benefit of utilizing iMyFone Umate Pro is that it allows you to select and delete chosen data. It doesn’t have to be a complete cleanup. You can select the files and delete them from inside the software.

There are four different modes of cleaning in the software that is described below:

Click Cleanup

This method is useful if you want to remove junk files, temporary files, etc. It also creates additional space by compressing and deleting images.

Erase Data

As already mentioned, using factory reset will not help you delete your data. iMyFone Umate Pro can perform the job for you by removing unwanted data permanently and without any complex processes.

Erase Deleted Files

With superior cleaning option of the software, files once deleted can’t be recovered.

Erasing Private Data

The software deletes or in different words completely destroys any private data that you need to be cleared. It renders that data completely unrecoverable. So wherever you are going to sell your iOS device, there isn’t need to worry after you have erased private information utilizing iMyFone Umate Pro.

How Does iMyFone Umate Pro Work?

Step 1. Connected the iPhone, once your iPhone is connected with the software, click on the Quick-Scan button.

Step 2. After scanning is full, you will see the next screen that shows the details of the files to be deleted.

Step 3. Within the Erase All Data you’ll further get three more options such as Excessive Level(3Times), Medium Level(1 Time) and Low Level. You can choose any of the modes to delete all the files from your iPhone permanently.

Step 4. In the Erase Personal Data, you can choose from numerous options such as Message, Call History, cookies, etc. to delete from your iPhone.

Step 5. That’s it!


It’s an easy-to-use yet surprisingly high cleanup and privacy tool. If you are a regular user of the iOS device, then I will strongly suggest using iMyFone Umate Pro Software. I like this privacy Deletion feature more than memory cleaner.

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9 Total Score

The reason is once a personal information is stolen it can be used for the wrong purpose. To remain tension free of personal information get stolen, Download and use iMyFone Umate Pro software.