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Are you looking for the Best Headphones For EDM (Electric Dance Music), but you have no idea which to buy? Then you are in the right place because this buyer manual presents the best EDM headphones on the market. The guide saves you time because you don’t have to look for headphones, which can be time-consuming manually.

Do not purchase EDM headphones before viewing the purchase review section. There you will find useful information about selecting the headset that is best suited to your specific needs. The factors that we cover include audio quality, wireless connectivity, comfort, brand, durability, and additional functions. When every element is considered, you have a good chance of finding your ideal pair of EDM headphones.

Best Headphones For EDM List

We have had a fantastic time compiling this guide for the buyer, and we are confident that you can find the headset that fits your needs perfectly. Take a moment to read until the end of the guide for a complete overview of the EDM headphone marketplace.

Bose QuietComfort 35 II

Bose is a leading brand that consistently innovates. The QuietComfort 35 II is pricey, but they have excellent functions that lead to practical and compelling experience. The combination of the advanced Bluetooth connection, extra-long battery life, and strong bass ensures that you will use these headphones everywhere. Read on for more information about the Bose EDM headphones and whether they match your needs.

Best Wireless Headphones

With the Bose Connect app, you can adjust the audio profile to the music genre that you like. That is why you can change the basses, mid-tones, and highlights to bring your electric dance music to life. The app can also be used to manage Bluetooth connections and check battery life. The active noise cancellation displayed here is one of the best there is. You can switch between 3 ANC settings that match the environment.

It is a good idea to lower ANC if you are not in a noisy environment, as this will reduce battery life. With this function, you can enjoy the small details of electric dance music without processing ambient noises. However, loud sounds will still pass, so it is not 100% effective. You get a battery life of 20 hours per charge, and the up-to-date Bluetooth connection ensures a stable audio quality. Thanks to the long battery life, you can use it for journeys where no power outlet is available. Overall, this is one of the best headphones for EDM.

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V-MODA Crossfade M-100

best headphones for EDM

V-Moda produces some of the most durable headphones on the market, and the Crossfade M-100 is one of their showpieces. You will enjoy the combination of the premium feel, advanced audio drivers, and a renowned brand name. Read on to find out if this headset is suitable for your requirements. Superior durability is one of the most crucial selling points here, which means that you can expect them to stand the test of time.

They are UV resistant and resistant to moisture / extreme temperatures. The cable is certified to withstand more than 1 million turns, and the steel frame ensures that the headphones do not break when you lose it from a height. There have been 5 years of research and development into the comfortable design of these V-Moda headphones, which means that you can expect excellent ergonomics. The ergosoft foam cushions ensure natural noise isolation and a soft fit.

The headband also has sufficient filling at all pressure points. That is why you will be comfortable wearing these headphones all day long without having to take constant breaks. The large 50 mm audio drivers deliver a first-class sound that is free of distortion and frequency bleed. The bass, mid-tones, and highlights are delivered separately, which means that you can appreciate the small details of the audio track. Overall, this is one of the best headphones for EDM.

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Audio-Technica ATH-MSR7

The Audio-Technica ATH-MSR7 headphones are packed with EDM-friendly features that contribute to an immersive experience. The combination of significant audio drivers, comfortable ear pads, and a renowned brand name means that you can buy in confidence. Read on to find out if these headphones are the right choice for your needs. The 45 mm True Motion drivers offer a stunning EDM experience that blows most of the competition out of the water.

They do an excellent job of providing clarity about the 5-40 kHz frequency response. The lifelike sound quality means that you want to listen longer. Sound distortion is kept to a minimum, so you don’t notice any imperfections in the audio – even if you are an audiophile with high standards. The large earmuffs are a welcome sight for buyers with large ears. Your ears fit into the ear cups, and the design is also great for buyers who wear glasses.

The soft cushioning ensures that you can stay comfortable. The design of the headband is excellent because there is decent soft padding without much volume. It is a detachable cable design, and you can choose between 9.8 and 3.9 feet cables. You can also easily exchange a defective cable for a new one. The detachable cable design is also useful if you want to store the headphones and cable separately. Overall, this is one of the best headphones for EDM.

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Sennheiser HD 25

best headphones for EDM

Sennheiser is one of the best audio brands in the world, and the HD 25 is perfect for EDM fans. The combination of the ergonomic fit, first-class sound quality and compact design means that there is much to do here. Read on to find out more about the quality that can be expected from the Sennheiser HD 25. The light and comfortable fit mean that you can wear these headphones for hours without taking a break.

There is an excellent filling at the headband and earcups, but the earcups do not have enough room to accommodate your ears within the privacy. There is minimal bulk because the headband and earcups have a thin design. It is ideal if you want to enjoy music on the move. The frequency range is 30 – 16 kHz, which is not impressive, but the accuracy in that range is fantastic. The advanced audio drivers produce lifelike audio with which you can enjoy the small details.

Do not invest in the Sennheiser HD 25 headphones before considering a few disadvantages. Firstly, the audio profile has an analytical appearance that is not for everyone. The lightweight materials are also not the most durable ones. That is why you must be careful when dealing with them. Still, these are one of the best headphones for EDM that you can buy right now.

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Beyerdynamic DT 990 PRO

The Beyerdynamic DT 990 PRO is highly valued headphones that offer a truly great experience for professionals and amateurs. The attention to detail is excellent, and you will enjoy the exceptional audio quality. Take a closer look at the functions to find out if they match your needs. Thanks to the professional design with an open back, these headphones are perfect for editing, mastering, mixing, home use, and in the studio.

The versatility indicates that they are an excellent choice for most buyers. An open design means that the headphones offer a wider sound field, but there is a significant sound leak. Noise isolation is also weak, so you have to be in an isolated environment to enjoy clear music. The premium use of materials is expected at this price, and you will appreciate the attention to detail. They have high durability so that you can expect many years of use without technical problems.

Best Noise Cancelling Headphones

Comfort ergonomics is another highlight here, one step higher than the majority of the market. The padding on the headband and earcups are nice, so that the fit is soft. The wearing experience is safe without experiencing a strong clamping force. Such specs make it one of the best headphones for EDM on the market right now.

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1MORE Triple Driver Over-Ear

best headphones for EDM

1MORE is not a premium brand name, but they consistently release highly valued headphones. The 1MORE Triple Driver Over-Ear has a lot of upward power so that you can enjoy a great audio experience everywhere. Dive deeper into the functions to determine if there is sufficient quality for the asking price. The 40 mm graphical drivers of graphene deliver hyper-realistic audio that you will completely notice. The deep bass is perfect for the EDM genre.

Thundering bass means you get into the groove like never before. The accuracy of audio reproduction at a frequency response of 20-40 kHz implies that you invest in headphones with competitive power. The comfort ergonomics is based on years of trial and error. You will want to wear this for hours because there is extra soft padding at every pressure point. However, the headphones are not bulky and light. It is ideal for use on the road when you are outside.

They are also comfortable to wear around your neck. These 1MORE headphones are perfect for traveling due to the noise-isolating design. Ambient noise is blocked so that you can listen carefully to the small details of the beat. The headphones are also foldable, which means that you can reduce them so that they fit in your bag more easily. Overall, this is one of the best headphones for EDM that you can buy.

Fostex T20RP MK3

Fostex is not one of the market leaders in the headphones market, but these headphones offer a great experience that stands out. The mixture of deep basses, broad frequency response, and comfortable design means that they are worth the asking price. Take a few minutes to learn more about the headphones to find out if they match your needs. The 15-35 kHz frequency response is impressive and ensures good audio depth.

The audio drivers have a powerful boost across all frequencies, but powerful bass is the striking feature. You will love to rock your head with bass-driven music that is better than most other headphones offer. The large and soft ear cups provide enough space for your ears. They are also great if you wear glasses because the earpieces exert minimal pressure on the frame. The headband also has an ergonomic shape and right padding. There is also good adjustability that locks into place and ensures a secure fit that won’t come off.

However, the headphones are bulky, which means that they are not the best choice if you are looking for portability. The Fostex T20RP MK3 headphones offer a lot of upside potential, but there are disadvantages that you should consider. Firstly, the lack of a reputable brand name means that you have to do some background research into what this brand is all about. The visual aesthetics are also not the best, which means that you may not feel comfortable wearing it outside. Still, this is truly one of the best headphones for EDM.

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Audio-Technica ATH-AR3BTBK

best headphones for EDM

Audio Technica is a reliable brand that produces some of the best headphones for every price range. You will enjoy the no-nonsense approach that focuses on high-quality audio quality. These Bluetooth headphones offer a lot of practical usability at the table so that you can enjoy music on the move. View the features in more detail to determine if the headset is the right choice for your needs. The 40 mm powerful audio drivers deliver a rich experience that makes the music come alive. The mix of powerful basses, rich mids, and crystal-clear highlights means you get an excellent price.

You will find it difficult to find better audio drivers in Bluetooth headphones for this price. You achieve a battery life of 30 hours per charge, and there is a standby period of 1,000 hours. That is why you can leave the headphones unused for a long time without completely losing battery life. High-quality aptX and AAC codecs are included, which means that the connection quality is consistent throughout the listening period. You can also use Near Field Communication (NFC) link to establish fast connections to devices that you have used before.

The earcups have an extensive soft filling, which means that you will enjoy a comfortable experience for long periods. However, the headband has minimal soft padding, so that the volume is kept to a minimum. That is why these headphones are ideal if you are looking for a portable design. The headphones can be folded down so that you can easily store them in your bag. Overall, this is one of the best headphones for EDM.

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AKG Pro Audio K167

The AKG Pro Audio K167 headphones are affordable and equipped with competitive performance. The combination of the unique brand name, portable design, strong durability, and excellent audio drivers means that there is much to do here. Dive deeper into the functions to determine if there is sufficient quality for the asking price. The 40 mm audio drivers produce a powerful bass sound and a high sound pressure level.

Furthermore, there is a noise-canceling function that excludes ambient noise and therefore enables more precise sound. You will love the small details that are usually missed with headphones without noise cancellation. The wide frequency range of 16 – 27 kHz means that the audio has excellent depth. XRP3 glass fiber reinforced polymer is used for reliable durability and low weight. That is why you can rate EDM for hours before you feel the need to take a break.

Thanks to the durable materials, you can use the headphones for years without having to worry about damage. The large round ear cups offer enough space for your entire ear. However, the headband has limited soft padding, which means that you may feel discomfort at the pressure points. With the adjustable headband, you can achieve a fit that matches your head size. Overall, this is one of the best headphones for EDM to buy right now.

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Edifier P841

best headphones for EDM

Are you looking for good EDM headphones but have a limited budget? Then you will enjoy what the Edifier P841 headphones bring to the table. The price-quality ratio is not from the charts here if you look at the combination of the functions and the low asking price. Dive deeper into the features to determine if these headphones are suitable for your needs. The 40 mm audio drivers offer excellent clarity over the 20-20 kHz frequency response.

The thick ear cups provide excellent noise isolation, allowing you to adjust the environment. However, it comes at the expense of the large ear cups. The comfort is superior because the earcups have an extra soft attenuation so that the entire ear fits within the limits of the earcup. The headband has some soft filling, but no extended amount. It helps to keep the volume down, but you will have to deal with less comfort at the pressure points.

There are an in-line control box and an omnidirectional microphone. The microphone can be used to make calls while on the road and also to change the volume. It adds value to the low asking price, which means that you will love the quality that is offered. And overall, this is one of the best headphones for EDM that you can buy.

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