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How to change Old Laptop Into Chromebook With ChromeOS Flex

by Thomas Mohr
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How to change Old Laptop Into Chromebook With ChromeOS Flex

Today, In this article we will show you how to change Old Laptop Into Chromebook With ChromeOS Flex. Anyone who wants to resurrect their old PC or laptop may now download and use ChromeOS Flex after it went live in beta back in February. You can give your outdated computers and laptops new life without spending a dime by installing ChromeOS Flex on them or even just running it from one of the best USB flash drives.

The beauty of ChromeOS is that fresh upgrades now come out every four weeks, and it’s quick and simple to use. Additionally, Google’s operating system boots up quickly and is cloud-based. A Chromebook can sometimes outperform a Windows laptop. Users who are often confused by computers and those who give them IT support often find that complexity makes life more difficult.

The streamlined user interface of a Chromebook eliminates virus prevention, constant system upgrades, and driver maintenance. More crucially, Chromebooks are far more economical since they run a lightweight operating system that feels quick and responsive on older and less expensive hardware. In fact, if you have an old laptop laying around, you can build your own Chromebook for nothing. All you have to do is install a ChromeOS variation on it. We mentioned below are the steps to turn Old Laptop Into Chromebook With ChromeOS Flex.

Steps to turn Old Laptop Into Chromebook With ChromeOS Flex

Create the Chrome OS Flex Install Drive

Step 1: Open the Chrome browser on your PC, not necessarily the computer you wish to install Chrome OS Flex on.

Step 2: Install the Chromebook Recovery Utility extension from the Chrome Web Store.

Step 3: Click on the Extensions, then select Manage Extension via the three dots next to Chromebook Recovery Utility.

Step 4: Slide the switch to the right to ensure that the extension is On

Step 5: Click on Extensions, and then Chromebook Recovery Utility to load the installer.

Step 6: Click on Get Started to start the installation.

Step 7: Click on “Select a model from a list”.

Step 8: Choose “Google Chrome OS Flex” and “Chrome OS Flex” from the dropdown menus.

Step 9: Insert your USB drive, select it from the dropdown menu and click Continue.

Step 10: Click Create now to download and write the OS to the USB drive. Double check that the correct drive has been selected before clicking Continue.

Step 11: When the installation is complete, click on Ok to close the Chromebook Recovery Utility application.

Step 12: Remove the USB drive from the computer.

Installing Chrome OS Flex

Step 1: Insert the USB drive into the laptop / desktop that you wish to install to.

Step 2: Power on and select the USB drive as your boot device. Every machine handles this a little differently, please consult the manual for your machine.

Step 3: Select your location and then click Get started to install.

Step 4: Connect to your Wi-Fi access point and click Next. Alternatively, connect an Ethernet cable to automatically connect.

Step 5: Accept Google’s Terms of Service to continue.

Step 6: Select who will be using Chrome OS Flex and click Next.

Step 7: Enter your Google account details and click Next. This will link this device with your Google account, it will also trigger a series of security settings to verify the inclusion of the device. This will differ depending on how your account has been configured.

Step 8: Check or uncheck the box to allow Google to collect hardware data, then click Accept and continue.

Step 9: Choose how Google Assistant will integrate with your device. Our device has no microphone or camera so we skipped these screens.

Step 10: Click Get Started to finish the installation.

Final Words

We hope you like our article on how to turn Old Laptop Into Chromebook With ChromeOS Flex. It used to be a simple matter of selecting between Windows or OS X when purchasing a laptop. However, Google’s Chrome OS now provides a cheap third choice. It’s simple to understand why the cloud-based operating system-powered Chromebooks have grown so popular. They are cost-effective since they don’t need a lot of pricey processing power if you’re content to accomplish the most of your work online and in your browser.

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