How to Fix Samsung TV Error Code 102

How to Fix Samsung TV Error Code 102

Error Code 102 on your Samsung TV indicates a communication issue between the device and the Smart Hub server. It frequently results from problems with your router or the Smart Hub servers, and in some cases, restarting your router will fix the problem. Error Code 102 on your TV is frequently accompanied by the phrase “There was a problem in the network.” the precise issue? The Smart Hub server cannot connect to your device! There are a few potential causes for this. Your router, the software or firmware on your device, or even the Smart Hub servers themselves, could all be at fault.

There are a few things you can try that might eliminate the code, regardless of the cause. Samsung TVs frequently encounter communication issues between the TV and the Smart Hub server, which is indicated by the error code 102. Restarting the router usually solves the issue, which is typically caused by router or Smart Hub server connectivity issues. Additional causes include a weak WiFi signal, incorrect DNS server settings, outdated firmware, and more. If the error persists, you must take further action.

Ways to Fix Samsung TV Error Code 102

Remove All Connected Devices

Before continuing, disconnect all connected devices from your Samsung smart TV, including any Chromecast, Firestick, Bluetooth speakers, Smartphone, gaming console, etc. If the error 102 message doesn’t appear after all devices have been removed, try restarting your TV by unplugging and replugging the power cord. If not, reconnect each device separately to determine which one is the problem.

Reboot Your Samsung TV

The process of restarting your Samsung smart TV is quick and easy. Find your TV’s power button first. Usually, your TV has this on the side or back. To start the reboot process after finding it, press and hold the power button for 5–10 seconds. Unplug the power cord from the outlet after the TV has shut off and wait 30 seconds. Reconnect the power cord and press the power button to turn on your TV after 30 seconds have passed. Your Samsung smart TV should have successfully rebooted by this point. Check to see if the error code 102 still exists. If so, proceed to the next step, which is to reboot your router.

Try a Mesh Wi-Fi Router

Try a mesh Wi-Fi router if you are still getting the Samsung TV error 102 message. A mesh router is a type of router that assembles your home’s wireless network from several different gadgets.

This will help you get rid of any dead spots in your house and give your devices a stronger, more reliable internet connection. If you don’t have a mesh router, you can try extending the range of your current router with a range extender or repeater.

Reboot Your Router

The next step is to restart your router if you still see the error 102 message on your Samsung smart TV. You can do this by unplugging the power cord from the router’s back and then plugging it back in after a short while. If the error code 102 message still appears on your TV after doing this, you will need to reset your wi-fi settings.

Check and Restart Your Wi-Fi Settings

  • First, open the “Settings” menu on your Samsung Smart TV and go to the “Network” settings. There, select the option to change the Wi-Fi settings.
  • Next, check to see if the SSID (network name) is correct. If it is not correct, enter the correct SSID for your network.
  • Then check if the password is correct. If incorrect, enter the correct password for your network.
  • Try resetting your Wi-Fi settings to default if everything has been working up until this point but the error is still present. By doing this, you might be able to restore the connection between your TV and the servers of your smart hub. After double-checking and restarting your Wi-Fi settings, if the error code 102 message is still present, it’s time to try the third method, which is to unplug all devices from your TV.

    Change Your Device’s DNS Server

    The Smart Hub server may occasionally be the source of issues. The server might be experiencing issues, be under maintenance, or be overloaded. The TV occasionally has trouble locating the correct DNS server. You can manually add the right one by doing the following:

  • From the TV menu, select Network Settings.
  • Select DNS.
  • Enter the public IP address in this field. For example, the DNS address for Google is
  • Factory Reset Your Samsung TV

    The final step you can try is to factory reset your TV if you have tried all the steps mentioned above and are still receiving the error code 102 message. By doing this, you will automatically log out of all connected accounts and restore your TV to its basic default settings.

    Open the settings menu on your Samsung smart TV and select the general support option to perform a factory reset. When prompted, choose the Reset option after arriving there. Check to see if the problem is fixed after setting your TV to default settings. If not, you should get in touch with Samsung customer service for more help.

    Check for Software Update on Your TV

    If the Samsung TV error 102 message is still displayed on your screen, it’s time to see if your smart TV needs any software updates. To do this, access the support menu on your smart TV by opening it. Select the software update option when you get there to see if there are any new updates available. If so, install the update and check to see if your issue is resolved.

    Final Words

    So here we conclude our article on how to Fix Samsung TV Error Code 102. Smart TVs are software-enhanced devices that frequently experience technical issues. By looking at the problem’s code, you can determine its nature. For instance, error code 102 on a Samsung TV denotes the impossibility of a wireless Internet connection. In essence, error code 012 is a network interface issue that individuals run into when attempting to download or update an application. It is impossible to stream content from websites like Netflix and YouTube due to this error. Visit official website for additional solutions if the error is still present in your system.

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