How to Check if Windows 10/11 is Activated

How to Check if Windows 10/11 is Activated

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How to Check if Windows 10/11 is Activated – Guide

By activating Windows on your computer, you can verify that your copy is genuine and is being used in accordance with Microsoft’s software license terms. It ensures you are using an authentic copy of the desktop operating system and helps you stay on the right side of the law. When someone installs Windows on a computer, it needs to be activated. A working copy of Windows means someone paid for it and it’s a real copy. While many have run Windows by any means without activation, a legal copy of Windows has its advantages. It is to save; You can get regular support and updates in urgent cases.

If you have just purchased a Windows 10 PC or a license key, you will need to check the activation status after installing Windows 10 on your computer. While Windows makes it easy to know whether or not your system is fully activated, sometimes it may not be entirely clear. With Windows 10, Microsoft has added a new GUI option to check the activation status of your copy of the operating system. It’s the easiest way to get the job done and takes just a few mouse clicks.

How to make sure Windows 10/11 is activated

missing watermark

Any copy of Windows that is not activated will have a watermark in the lower right corner of the screen. It will be marked as an evaluation copy and will ask you to activate Windows. If that doesn’t exist, then it’s okay. To check more, go to Settings > Personalization and see if you can change the wallpaper or theme or anything related to it. If you can, your copy of Windows will be activated.

Activation status settings

The best place to check activation status is in Windows 11 settings:

  • Press Win + I
  • This will open Windows settings
  • Open system settings
  • Select Activation.
  • If it doesn’t ask for activation and you see a green checkmark Active, Windows 11 is activated.
  • SLMGR command

    The Software Licensing Management Tool (slmgr) is a VBS file on Windows that performs advanced Windows activation. It is a tool that should be used by IT administrators, but it is also available for an administrator user account.

  • Open the Run prompt (Win + R), type wt and press the Enter key
  • In Windows Terminal, run the command slmgr /xpr
  • It will open a pop-upup window and if it says “The machine is permanently activated”, your Windows is active.
  • click on ok button to discard it.
  • You can also use the below mentioned command but SLMGR is cleaner.

  • Get-CimInstance SoftwareLicensingProduct -Filter “Name as ‘Windows%’” -ComputerName RemoteComp |where { $_.PartialProductKey } | select Description, LicenseStatusHope this helps.
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