How to Fix ‘Call Failed Issues’ on iPhone

How to Fix ‘iPhone Key­board Not Show­ing Up’ Issue

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How to Fix ‘Call Failed Issues’ on iPhone – Guide

Sometimes we can get to the situation that there is an iPhone call failure error show up abruptly, which annoyingly hampers our work or welcomes us to the brink of madness. Also, this issue has been considered by a number of Apple users for some time, and most of them have said that this issue is exceptionally troubling as it usually happens when they are trying to resolve a problem. phone decision for other people.

If you are also facing this problem, you don’t need to worry excessively. Here, I’ll examine the justifications for why the call failure would happen in your phone and give you the complete guides to fix it.

Why does the iPhone keep saying the call failed?

It is difficult to pinpoint a specific reason for the call to fail. But it’s usually because of poor signal quality or some pesky software bugs. Sometimes it could be because the SIM card is not inserted correctly or because it is damaged. Whatever the cause, we’ll fix and fix the problem.

How to Fix iPhone call failure issue

There are several things you can try to resolve the call failure problem on your phone. Most of them are super quick and easy, so you can fix the problem in no time. Try each of the solutions below and see what the trick for you.

Dial *#31#

A near-right shot and the easiest way to fix the failed connection problem on your iPhone is to dial *#31#.

Turn airplane mode off and on

Open the Settings app and tap the Airplane Mode icon to activate it. After 30 seconds, tap the same button to disable it. Now try to make a phone turn on. It should work.

Restart your iPhone

Even after following the above fix if you have trouble doing phone calls, try restarting the iPhone. The simplest way is to use the buttons as you usually do. You can also open the Settings app and tap General. Then choose Shut Down. After a minute, turn on iPhone and try to make a call. The problem will likely be fixed.

Remove and reinsert the iPhone SIM card

All modern iPhones have the SIM card slot on the right side. Use the ejector tool or a pin to carefully remove the SIM card. Then slowly and carefully rub it on a soft, dry cloth and insert it back.

Reset network settings on iPhone

If you think the network is to blame for the iPhone call failure, go to Reset Network Settings. Most network-related problems, such as the inability to do phone calls, message failures, cell data issues are fixed after a reset. Note that this will not delete any personal data, but items such as your saved Wi-Fi connection, Bluetooth devices and VPN settings will be erased. To perform a network reset, open Settings → General → Reset application. Reset network settings → Enter your iPhone password and confirm.

Reset all settings

If the less severe reset above does not work, follow the same steps above and choose Reset All Settings. The consequences of this are more significant. It will erase, or return to default, all the settings you have changed on your iPhone. This includes keyboard settings, Home Screen layout, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, VPN, location settings and more. But, it won’t delete any personal data like photos, videos, apps, music, etc.

Update your iPhone software

Open the Settings app and tap General. Then tap Software Update. If you see a pending update available, tap Download and install. Once the process is complete, there is a high possibility that the call-failure issue will be successfully resolved.

Check the list of blocked contacts

Perhaps someday you have intentionally or accidentally blocked a contact. To make sure the number you are trying to call is not blocked. To do this, open the Settings app and tap on Phone. Scroll down and tap Blocked contacts. If person / number is added here, swipe from right to left and tap Unlock.

See if call forwarding is enabled

Call forwarding can also cause interference, so if you are experiencing call failures, be sure to turn it off. To do this, open the Settings app and tap on Phone. Then tap Call Forwarding. Wait for it to load. And if it’s enabled, tap the button to disable it.

Contact your service provider

Finally, if nothing helps, get in touch with your mobile operator. You can contact them by email, Twitter or using the mobile application. Make sure there are no outstanding bills or unpaid charges that resulted in suspension of service.

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