How to Fix Spo­ti­fy Web Play­er Black Screen Issue

How to Fix Spo­ti­fy Web Play­er Black Screen Issue

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How to Fix Spo­ti­fy Web Play­er Black Screen Issue – Guide

Spotify web player is the best website on the planet. Why? as it allows you to directly access an entire stack of songs from Spotify without leaving your internet browser. Although it looks like something extraordinary, many individuals have detailed that Spotify’s player doesn’t work as expected / doesn’t work in specific browsers. To fix this issue, we’ll take a more intensive look at why the Spotify player isn’t working, how to fix this problem and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

How to Fix Spotify Web Player black screen

Now we are going to provide 8 methods to fix Spotify’s web player black screen.


Sometimes the problem is as simple as logging into the web player. Sometimes a black screen may appear on the web player if you are listening to music without logging in. So you can simply solve this problem by logging in quickly.

playing another song

Another reason for this error is that you are playing a song that contains some kind of error in the song itself. So all you can do is try to play another song.

Restarting the browser

Since the problem is with the program, one thing must start by turning it off. Sometimes a hard reset will fix the problem. In the event that restarting the program doesn’t help you, restart your gadget too.

Enabling Flash

Some customers have detailed that enabling Flash for Spotify fixes the dark screen issue for them. The programs provide distinct substance settings where you can strengthen and weaken things like Flash for unique destinations.

Disabling hardware acceleration

Another reason for the black screen could be the hardware acceleration enabled in Chrome. You can simply go to Chrome settings and disable hardware acceleration.

Removing Ad-Blocker

If you happen to use an ad blocker, try to stop it for a while. Restart the program and try playing a song. On the off chance that the issue is fixed, your ad blocker is getting in the way with Spotify.

Disabling the browser extension

In some cases, an expansion can also be responsible for the issue of Spotify not working in the web player. To find out, you must disable expansions in your program individually. When incapacitated, restart your program and play a melody in Spotify’s Web Player. Redo each expansion to find the culprit.

clearing cache

Another reason these errors occur in the web player is cache. Happens when too many cache builds up in the browser and starts to cause problems. You can simply clear your cache to fix the problem.

How to Fix Spotify black screen on Mac / Windows

  • Now, even if the above methods are not able to solve your problem, we are going to present an application that will give you a more certified solution to the black screen problem.
  • The device that allows you to download and change Spotify tunes is the AudKit Spotify Music Converter. This converter is a specialized instrument that is also ideal for beginners. AudKit Spotify Converter comes equipped with the innovation that allows you to break the encryption of Spotify songs perfectly. Then let you convert Spotify to MP3, M4A, M4B, FLAC, M4A and other different organizations.
  • AudKit Spotify Converter likewise retains all metadata and ID3 tags to ensure customers will enjoy the songs without any mishaps. can download up for 100 double melodies. AudKit Spotify Music Converter is a paid device; however, it’s great. Let’s give some highlights of the program.
  • For now, let’s give you a definitive guide about the most efficient method to download and play Spotify tunes.
  • You need to bring Spotify tunes into AudKit Spotify Music Converter. To do this, you simply need to open AudKit Spotify Music Converter and dock the add button. At this point, basically import the melodies by physically searching for ideal songs in the nearby destination folder.
  • Currently, the next step is to enter the settings tab by tapping “Parameters” button. From that point forward, you need to change the format settings for the imported songs. You can search for your ideal melodies in the list of alternatives.
  • After finishing the first and subsequent advance, you only need to tap the “Convert” button and it will start changing melodies. Whenever it is exchanged, it will be stored in a nearby stock, which you can tune in with no problems.
  • Solve the Black Screen Problem: Common Solutions

    Using Spotify Connect

    You can try using Connect feature if Spotify is working on one device, not the other, to fix Spotify’s Mac black screen issue.

    delete duplicate process

    Sometimes there can be multiple Spotify processes working in the task manager and this can also cause unexpected errors. So, you can try closing one of them to fix Spotify’s black screen issue on Windows 10.

    Check on the Internet

    The internet plays a big role in Spotify streaming. So make sure you have a stable internet as a slow internet can also cause big problems.

    Restarting the application

    Another effective thing you can do is close the app and then reopen it. It is one of the most effective solutions to unexpected problems.

    Deleting the application data folder

    Another thing you can do is delete the application data folder on your computer. This appears to be a genuine solution for some errors such as a black screen.

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