Best Android Game Development Books

The Best Android Game Development Books of 2021

Best Android game development books: Game programming is a part of the development which involves developing software for video games. Nowadays, the career of a game developer/programmer has become very popular owing to the raised demand for programmers in all of the game companies. Game programming is a very safe career choice as nearly every business works on the principles of programming. With the little increase in mobile devices also comes a proportional increase in the demand for game apps.

Creating game apps is an advanced process, which comes to several levels of planning, design, execution and after all, deployment of the app to different mobile devices. Today we’re here with the list of The Best Android Game Development Books of 2021. So check out our list of The Best Android Game Development Books of 2021 below and let us know what do you think about our list in the comment section below.

Best Android Game Development Books of 2021

Game Development Essentials

Authored by Kimberly Unger the book ‘Game Development Essentials: Mobile Game Development’, goes into the details of the science and art of game app development. The book talks about the general process of approaching game development, plus developing video games and game applications for a variety of mobile devices as well. The book tutors game developer hopefuls right from the initial process of game development to creating the right design for their app.

Beginning Android Games

If you want to become a successful Android Game Developer with a specialization in the tablet game app development, this is The Best for you. The book begins with game design basics and programming basics. The next step is the making of a game engine and playable game applications that would perform on different versions of smartphones and tablets.

The Art of Game Design: A Deck of Lenses

Authored by Jesse Schell, the book, ‘The Art of Game Design: A Deck of Lenses,’ is a good game design toolkit in itself. A type corollary to the acclaimed book, “The Art of Game Design: A Book of Lenses,” this book contains unique “lens cards,” every of which addresses vital principles of game development. These “lenses” treat all aspects of game design and development, covering all tags such as aesthetics, creativity, technology, teamwork, testing, or even certain tips on the business of game development.

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Learning Java by Building Android Games

The book starts with the basics of the software and teaches 4 modern games for the tablet as well as the phone that range from education, memory, and retro arcade-style games. In case you have some experience with Android games, all you need is to set up a game environment and buy this book. After learning the basics, you can also design and create personal games for the market.

Beginning Mobile Phone Game Programming

Michael Morrison Authored of this book tells you to develop fully functional games with a game engine, which you can use for developing smartphone game apps. A CD, which is included in the bundle, gives you all the tools, graphics, and codes, which will be had to complete the exercises and assignments provided to you in each chapter. The book also gives clear instructions on wireless game programming and Java programming, also providing practical assignments on using the J2ME Game API.

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