The Best Tricks and Tips of Microsoft White­board to Use It Perfectly

Best Tricks and Tips of Microsoft White­board to Use It Perfectly

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Best Tricks and Tips of Microsoft White­board to Use It Perfectly – Guide

let’s show you how to use the Microsoft Whiteboard application. In this period of blocking, there is some category that seems to have benefited a lot. For example, streaming services like Netflix and conference calling applications like Google Meet and Zoom came out as the ultimate winners. In the last section, there are also some creation and collaboration tools. Microsoft Whiteboard is one of them. Although it was introduced in the later stages of 2017, it is seeing a change in fortunes today. Many teachers and office workers are adopting this app.

However, with so many options to deal with, a novice can feel lost in the app. But once you realize your true potential, nothing can stop you. so in this tutorial, let’s list all the instructions, tricks and tips to create a professional on the Microsoft whiteboard. Whether you’ve been asked for a whiteboard or built it yourself, these tips it will be beneficial in both scenarios. Even if you’re used to it, there’s still room to learn something new about Microsoft Whiteboard. With that said, let’s start with the guide.

Share and save your whiteboard

First, there is a tip which is one of the most obvious. It’s fun to use the whiteboard in Windows 10 alone as a place to take notes or gather ideas, but why not try sharing the moment? On the Windows 10 whiteboard, you can invite your friends or colleagues to paint with you.

To do this, click on the blue icon next to your profile picture. Then toggle the button to Web Sharing. You should see the link appear on the screen and you can copy and share it so that others can join you. If you change your mind, you can stop sharing at any time if you want to keep the whiteboard private.

Related to this is saving your whiteboard. You can do this by clicking on the hamburger menu on the right side of the screen. Then choose Export. You can then choose PNG or SVG files. Your whiteboard will become an image that can be shared on social media, email and more.

Use the toolbar location to your advantage

Next on our list is another basic. tip. The toolbar is your best friend on Microsoft Whiteboard. You use it to access all the usual functions like pen, lasso or text input tool, but did you know you can move your location? This is very useful if the whiteboard is running out of space or getting in the way.

Click on the hamburger menu on the right side of the screen and choose a location for the toolbar. You can place it on the right, left or bottom of the screen, depending on your preference.

Convert your writing to readable text

Writing something on the whiteboard, but your coworkers are having trouble understanding you because your handwriting is fuzzy up? Well, the whiteboard has it all for you. You can convert your writing to text. To do this, click on the Lasso Select tool in the toolbar at the bottom of the screen. It is the tenth icon on the left side of the screen. Then draw a box around the text you typed by hand.

After doing this, you can select the first icon in the windowup menu that appears. It will say paint beautification. Your writing will turn to text as soon as you click on it. Your handwriting will never look better!

Convert your hand-drawn shapes and tables to digital shapes

now that you know how to to turn your handwriting into more readable text, you can do the same for shapes and tables. To do this, you only need to activate one setting in the menu. Again, click on the burger menu on the right side of the screen and choose Shape Ink and Table Ink.

Once this setting is turned on, you can draw a shape by hand and it will automatically change to a cleaner, more symmetrical version. And to make a table, you can do this by first drawing a square and then drawing a line in the middle of that square. When you’re done, you’ll see a box with plus and minus signs on the sides and top of your square. You can click on these buttons to add more columns and rows. It’s quite comfortable. You can also change the height of the rows using the Lasso Select tool, hovering and dragging the mouse over the row or column.

use the ruler

Want to draw a straight line or create something a little technical? Like a real whiteboard, you can use the virtual ruler inside the Microsoft Whiteboard in Windows 10. To do this, run the ruler from the toolbar. It should be the ninth mark from the left. Once you’ve placed it on the canvas, you can use your fingers to drag it or change the angle. When finished, you can hide the ruler again by simply clicking the ruler icon in the toolbar.

lock an image in the background

Ever wanted to trace over an image or maybe a background so you would stay out of the way of adding new things to the whiteboard? this is our next trick. You can also lock an image in the background after adding an image by hovering over it and locking it in the background, or by selecting the lock icon. Again, if you’re also trying to learn to draw, this is a great way to trace on an image.

group your objects

Adding multiple objects to the whiteboard? Just like in real life, you can stack objects on the whiteboard. This will help you save space and allow you to move objects together across the board. You can group objects by moving one over the other. When you’re done, you’ll see a little circle icon in the middle, so you can drag as many items as you can over each other. This is another cool trick!

Create different whiteboards

You might have thought that you could only use one whiteboard at a time, but did you know that you can have multiple whiteboards for different subjects or purposes? It’s very easy to do this. Just click on the back button button on the left side of the screen and choose Create New Whiteboard. You can create and view many whiteboards here.

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