How to burn a CD, DVD or Blu-ray on MacBook

How to burn a CD, DVD or Blu-ray on MacBook

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How to burn a CD, DVD or Blu-ray on MacBook – Guide

Want to use your Mac to burn a CD, DVD, or Blu-ray Disc? What is the best external hard drive? Is your MacBook’s disk drive refusing to work? In this comprehensive disc burning lesson, we have all the answers.

Do you need to create a CD, DVD or Blu-ray disc? you are wondering how to do this if your Mac doesn’t have an optical drive or if you don’t know how to do you use what you have or if the unit is not working?

How to burn a CD/DVD on a MacBook

Assuming you are equipped with a suitable internal or external burner, burning a CD or DVD is easy.

Insert a blank DVD or CD into the SuperDrive or non-Apple drive and macOS will ask you what you want to do. You can add files and folders, name the disc, and finally click the Burn button button to burn everything to disk.

You can also use Disk Utility to burn disc images to DVD or CD. Open Disk Utility, select the disk image and click Burn to burn the image to a blank CD or DVD.

audio CDs

The above discs must be read by another Mac (or PC). If you want to burn an audio CD for playback on a high-fidelity stereo, you must use iTunes.

Open iTunes and create a playlist of songs you want to include on your audio CD. Now click on the icon in the upper right corner of the playlist – the circle containing three dots. From the next drop-down menu, select Burn playlist to disc.

Movie DVDs (Video)

Likewise, if you want to burn a DVD that can be played by a commercial DVD player, you will need to use different software. iDVD used to be the top choice for Mac owners and is still a possibility if you have an old enough copy of iLife (iLife 11 and earlier include). But it has already been discontinued.

There are third-party alternatives you can use: Roxio’s DVD Toast, for example, or the free Burn option.

How to burn Blu-ray discs on a Mac

A Blu-ray Disc has advantages over a standard DVD: the image and audio quality is better, and if you don’t have a fast Internet connection, buying a disc can be faster and easier than waiting to download a very large file. great. An optical disk is also a good physical backup for added peace of mind.

As with CD and DVD drives, you need the right hardware to record to Blu-ray formats, and Macs don’t come with Blu-ray drives. Instead, you’ll need to buy an external model: we’ve rounded it up up the best candidates in the next section.

You can buy an external USB Blu-ray drive for under £40 / $50, although it’s recommended to spend at least a little more than that to find a good one. Many of these models are bus-powered, so you don’t need a power supply; just hook them up for a Mac with powered USB ports. Note that a Blu-ray drive can also play DVDs and CDs.

Roxio’s Toast Burn (£19.99 / $19.99) is a good choice for burning Blu-rays.

Alternatively, like CDs and DVDs, you can burn Blu-rays using Disk Utility or simply insert the blank disc and let the Finder do the work.

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