How to Fix Euro Truck Simulator 2 Not Opening

How to Fix Euro Truck Simulator 2 Not Opening

SCS Software created and released the open-world truck simulator video game known as Euro Truck Simulator 2 for the Microsoft Windows, Linux, and macOS operating systems. It was first made available in October 2012, and it’s still one of the top truck simulation games available.

The best part is that players have responded enthusiastically to Euro Truck Simulator 2. However, some unfortunate players are reporting that the game unexpectedly won’t launch or load on their PC. In any case, if you’re having the same problem, make sure to use this troubleshooting guide to fix it.

Most of the time, it’s pretty typical that almost every PC game has its fair share of problems, bugs, or even multiple errors. However, Euro Truck Simulator 2 is not an exception to this rule and it appears that many PC gamers are having problems with the game not launching or crashing at startup. We have mentioned steps below to Fix Euro Truck Simulator 2 Not Opening

system requirements

OS: Windows 7Processor: Dual core CPU 2.4 GHzMemory: 4 GB RAMGraphics: GeForce GTS 450-class (Intel HD 4000)Hard Drive: 12 GB available space

Ways to Fix Euro Truck Simulator 2 Not Opening

Update your graphics card driver

  • Right-click the Start button.
  • Click on Device Manager.
  • Click on the arrow in front of Display adapter.
  • Right-click the selected graphics card and select Update Drivers.
  • Select Automatically search for drivers.
  • Check your internet connection

    If your internet is unreliable or your computer has no connection at all, you won’t be able to start an online game of Euro Truck Simulator 2. You should use some of the well-known online speed test websites, like, to determine the condition of your connection.

    Close any running background apps

  • Right-click the Start button.
  • Click Task Manager.
  • Make sure you click More Details.
  • Click on the Processes tab.
  • Right-click on the running applications and select End Task. Do this for all applications except Euro Truck Simulator 2 and Steam.
  • Final Words

    That’s it with our article on How to Fix Euro Truck Simulator 2 Not Opening.  Here are some solutions that have been tested to work if Euro Truck Simulator is crashing, freezing, or not loading on your Windows 11/10 computer. For Windows PCs, there is a truck simulator game called Euro Truck Simulator. Despite the game’s enormous popularity among fans of simulators, there are still some problems with it.

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