How to Fix ‘Google Keep Drawing Not Working’ Issue

How to Fix ‘Google Keep Drawing Not Working’ Issue

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How to Fix ‘Google Keep Drawing Not Working’ Issue – Guide

Google Pay is one of the most popular digital wallet platforms that allows users to carry out a wide variety of online transactions. With the help of Google Pay, you can easily send or request money from your friends and family. you too can overcome up your prepaid devices and pay electricity bills. The app also hosts some great events to help people get extra refund codes, scratch cards and more.

However, recently, many users have reported a single issue with the “Google Pay issue with apps crawling across the screen”. If you’ve asked yourself this question before, don’t worry, here’s everything you need to know about it.

low storage

Ah yes, the age-old finite space problem. When you see a phoneWith storage starting to run low, remember this catchy adage: “Stop hoarding, you rambunctious digital charging mouse.” (Okay, maybe it wasn’t as captivating as I expected.)

Seriously though, most of us don’t really need a lot stored locally on our smartphones these days — especially on Android, where cloud syncing is simple and automated management is easy. Get started by installing and configuring the Google Photos app up come back up all photos and videos as they are taken. This will allow you to delete local copies (and it’s a great way to get all your memories from any device, anytime, even if you lose or break your current Android phone), and only that is required to release up tons of space.

Second, install the Google Files app. This will show you all the unnecessary space occupants lurking inside your storage phone – including the now redundant local copies of images synced to the cloud along with useless files, duplicate files and other easily deleted stuff – and that will give it a touch simple buttons to clean any of that mess.

lower resistance

We could talk about Android battery life all day, but the fastest way to make an immediate difference on your phoneA longevity is to adjust your screen settings.

First, lower the screen brightness (in the next quick settings panel up when you swipe down twice from the top of the screen or in the Display section of system settings). The screen consumes more power than anything else on your device, and the lower you can use it comfortably, the longer it will be. phone will last with each charge. if your phone is running Android 9 or higher, you can also look for an Adaptive Brightness option that will automatically adjust the brightness level for you based on your current environment.

Second, set the “Screen timeout” setting (also in the Display section of system settings) to the lowest value you can tolerate. The less time the screen is on when you’re not using it, the less unnecessary battery power phone will burn.

And third, if you have Android 10 or higher, look in the same area as your system settings for the Dark Theme option. Darker colors tend to consume less energy than the bright tones present in most interfaces by default, so switching to Dark Theme all the time or even just on a sunset to sunrise schedule should extend your phonebattery a unreasonable.

too much bloatware

Unless you are using Google Pixel phones, your Android device probably came loaded with a lot of junk that you don’t want – ranging from superfluous services provided by the manufacturer (hi, Samsung!) to crapola added by the carrier (to use the highly technical term). But fear not, for most of this can at least be hidden, if not completely eliminated.

The simplest way to do this is to look in the Apps section of your system settings to find the complete list of installed apps. When you see an app you don’t want, tap its name and then look for the Uninstall item button – or, if not present, the Disable command. You may not be able to get rid of absolutely everything this way (paging Bixby…), but you will be able to clear a fair amount of clutter.

AN home screen mess

From built-in search bars you don’t use to silly news streams you prefer not to see, android phones’ home screens are generally anything but great right out of the box. But you don’t have to live with what your device manufacturer offers. Android has a wide variety of third-party launchers – alternative environments that completely replace your phonestock. home screen setup and application drawer layout. And there’s something available for just about every preference and working style.

a slow phone

Like us mortals, smartphones tend to slow down over time as their virtual intelligence erodes. Unlike our soft mammalian brains though, your phone response time can really be improved.

Some of the things we’ve just reviewed should actually make a notable difference: cleanliness up your storage by uninstalling unused apps (both of which came pre-installed on your phone and those you installed yourself but no longer use), and try a custom launcher for a better home screen environment.

Also, some of the same steps I describe in my Android data saving app guide can bring a significant boost to your device’s overall speed – things like eliminating unnecessary background activities, compressing your mobile web experience and moving to lighter versions of apps. (See this article for a step-by-step analysis in each of these areas.)

And finally, a hidden Android system setting can make the most noticeable impact of all. You will first have to enable the Android developer settings on your phone To find this:

  • open the about Phone section of the system settings and look for the line labeled “Version number”. (On Samsung phones, you will have to tap on a line labeled “Software Information” before you see the “Build Number” line.) Tap that line seven times.
  • Enter your PIN, pattern or password when prompted.
  • Once finished, go back to the main system settings menu. In some phones, you will see a new Developer Options section right on the main menu; on others, like Google’s Pixel devices, you’ll have to go into the System section and tap “Advanced” to find it. Either way, tap that section and scroll down until you see the Drawing heading.
  • There you will find three options related to animation: “Scale of Window Animation”, “Scale of Transition Animation” and “Scale of Animator Duration”. Tap on each of these items and change its default setting from “Animation Scale 1x” to “Animation Off”. And don’t mess with anything else in the Developer Options area while you’re there; contains some complex things that are not for regular use. phone owners and could mess up up your phone if used incorrectly.

    lowercase text

    Stop squinting, will you? If the words On your phone are very small, go to the Accessibility section of the system settings and try two options: “Font size” which will enlarge the text all over your phone and “Screen size” which will increase the size of everything on the screen.

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